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All I did was sneeze and my back just went! What is going on?

Back Pain

Most people that come into our office have not had some nasty injury (although a lot have). Instead they have often done some normal, trivial everyday thing, causing them pain. Such things include sneezing, turning or twisting suddenly or bending to tie shoe laces. Some times people simply wake up in the morning experiencing  back or neck  pain. The strange thing is, often people will have felt fine before this! How can that be?

Obviously these trivial things do not cause severe cases of sciatica, headaches, back or neck pain. These small incidences such as bending to tie your shoe laces however, can be ‘the straw that broke the camels back’. This small event is the last thing in a long chain of events which tips a person’s body ‘over the edge’. Even if this is the first time a person has experienced pain, an X-ray can reveal spinal damage and degeneration that they may not have been aware of. That’s why it is so important that you do not ignore the warning signals of symptoms such as back pain, headaches, sciatica  and others. The sooner you are examined by a Chiropractor, the less damage and degeneration will occur and the easier it is to fix the problem.

Do my bones get loose if I get adjusted a lot?

This notion probably comes from people who self manipulate their own joints such as their knuckles or necks. The more they do it, the more they feel they need to do it and the easier it becomes to “crack” that part of their body. This won’t happen to your spine when you are seeing your Chiropractor because Chiropractors only adjust areas of the body that need adjusting and leave areas that are working correctly alone. The reason someone’s knuckles become looser is because they are over manipulating an area of the body when it is not required. In fact, people often find that when they start Chiropractic treatment, areas of their body that have previously ‘cracked’ a lot, will no longer do so. This is because their joints are starting to function correctly again and the person no longer feels the need to crack or self adjust their joints.


I think it is my posture? I know I should hold myself up better?

Postural Correction

Did you know that your spine is designed to hold you upright with very little muscular effort? Meaning if we had a skeleton and stripped it of all its muscles it should almost be able stay upright by itself! However, office work, injuries, lack of exercise and sitting for too long, can cause misalignments in the spine and other joints which causes you to have bad posture, and not the other way around.

That’s why no matter how much your mother has told you to sit up straight or regardless of hard you try to hold yourself up, you always tend to catch yourself slouching again. You have bones out of place which are causing you to have that hunched posture!

People are always surprised when they get adjusted in our practice that they then stand up straighter without having to try. That’s the way your body is designed. Most people notice this after their very first visit.

I think my problem is muscular?

Although people often do have muscular pain, it is rarely to root cause of the problem. As bones move out of alignment from injuries, hard work and bad postural habits, your body sets up compensations in other areas of the spine or skeleton to take the strain off these misaligned areas. It uses muscles to do this and because these muscles have to work very hard at this task, they can often cause pain.

Therefore “muscular” pain generally responds very well to Chiropractic treatment. Very occasionally a persons muscles have been spasmed in compensation for so long that they become scarred and fibrotic and are unable to let go even after spinal misalignment has been removed. Your Chiropractor may recommend some form of soft tissue therapy or stretches if this is the case.

Once I start going do I have to keep going forever? Can I become dependent?

Some patients, whilst undergoing Chiropractic care, often report they get a feeling of ‘needing’ an adjustment in-between Chiropractic visits. For example, if someone is supposed to have a Chiropractic adjustment once a week they may feel they need to be treated again after about 5 days. This is not uncommon and occurs as a result of the body working hard to unwind often many years of damage in their spine. This is however, only a temporary phenomenon. If you ceased Chiropractic care midway though your course of treatment, your body would quite quickly compensate in the most effective way it could and the feeling of needing another Chiropractic adjustment would go away. Even though your spine still has to compensate, it would be in a much more stable position than before beginning treatment.

After all the hard work has been done, Chiropractors may suggest some form of maintenance for your spine. Once a month for a check up is not uncommon. You are of course free to stop this at any time. After all it’s your spine.

What is that popping noise when I get adjusted?

Often you will hear a popping or a cracking noise when you get adjusted. This is not as some people think bones rubbing together or bones breaking. This is actually caused by of all things….gas! When you get adjusted, your joints become separated very slightly and this causes a pressure difference between the inside and outside of the joint forming a gas bubble inside the joint. The technical term for this is ‘cavitation’.

People often like to hear a pop when they are adjusted but it’s not always necessary to accomplish a good adjustment.

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