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Scott Barbary Our Tweed Heads Chiropractors Story

When I was a kid my father suffered from really severe lower back pain. He was always a fit active and healthy guy. He would surf most weekends and play golf twice a week. His weight and diet were good. However, seemingly out of nowhere his back would go “out” and he was struck down with debilitating pain.

I must say that being a kid and watching my Dad stuck on the floor unable to move and nearly in tears had quite an effect on me. I was obviously scared and concerned but overall I remember feeling quite helpless, as there was nothing I could do.

Poor Dad tried lots of different therapies and self help activities. I often would wake up in the morning to see him following along to a Yoga video in the lounge room. Despite all these efforts over the years these episodes were becoming more frequent and more severe.

One afternoon after he had been for a massage he arrived back into the car and told us his masseuse had recommended a Lismore Chiropractor called Allan Plenty.

He began treatment the next week. I recall sitting in the waiting room and listening to some groans and yelps coming out whilst Dad was receiving his treatment but he would always come out with smile on his face.

I soon began to notice that he was moving better; he said he had less pain and his mood improved noticeably. We also noticed that he back spasms happened much less frequently and were much less severe.

After a few more months he was able to surf and play golf without any problem – I think his handicap even improved!

It was really great to see him happy again and was very grateful to his wonderful Chiropractor who helped him through. It made a big difference to my childhood.

He is now 65 and with the help of Allan and later a Nimbin Chiropractor called Martyn Harper and even more recently myself, he still plays golf twice a week, surfs many weekends and plays tennis on Fridays. He also recently built a monstrous deck on the back of his house! (Some pictures of the build are below)


Not bad for a guy who was told 30 years ago that his back was ‘stuffed’ and he would just have to learn to live with the pain!

So for me it was really easy when I finished year 12 – I knew what I wanted to do!

I left home and moved to Macquarie University to spend the next 5 years studying to become a Chiropractor.

After I finished University I took my first job in a long-standing Chiropractic practice in Grifffith in country NSW. My second position was in a busy practice in Cairns. My third position took me all the way across the oceans to the United Kingdom. My partner Kate and I worked and lived in Scotland for the next 6 years. (Dad had to see Marytn while I was away :))

Working in Scotland was amazing as we got to travel and have a great time. More importantly however, I was able to learn from some of the best Chiropractors in Europe and America. I am really excited to bring these skills home to Northern NSW where I grew up. For information on the technique I learned overseas and still use please click here.

It is my mission to help as may local people as I can get out of pain and live a fulfilling, active life right into old age.